Summer School SCotland at SSC: learn English and experienSSCe Scotland and its culture!

Urquart Castle, Scotland

SSC Summer School students learn the stories behind the historic sites they visit

Summer School Scotland at SSC offers you the opportunity to study English, enjoy all the fun of the Edinburgh Festival, and tour the Highlands of Scotland!

Summer School Scotland: the Edinburgh Fringe Festival courses

Summer School Scotland  Fringe Festival Courses in August offer you the chance to experience and enjoy the world famous Edinburgh International Festival  and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival .

Summer School Scotland means that you  can improve your English language skills and at the same time, you can enjoy all  the fun and excitement of the Edinburgh Festival.


Srreet performers on Royal Mile during Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh Festival street performers (photo courtesy of Edinburgh Fringe Society)


Edinburgh Fringe Festival “Culture Internationale!”

If you are a group of performers, it is even possible you to put on performances at Scotland Study Centre as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  You can prepare a show in advance and then perform it in SSC‘s Edinburgh Festival Fringe show “Culture Internationale.”.

If you are a group of artists, you can stage an Edinburgh Fringe Festival exhibition.

As an SSC Summer School student, you can also put on mini plays and teach aspects of your  own culture as part of the Fringe performances.

SSC student uses English to teach a popular song in Japanese

Summer School Scotland English language student Misora teaches a popular Japanese song: ‘Japan on the Fringe, 2015’

Summer School Scotland integrates the learning of language with the culture that surrounds you in Edinburgh and Scotland.  This means that you don’t just learn English: you also USE your English while you HAVE FUN!

Summer SChool Scotland at SSC: study in class for 15 hours per week, and also do study activities for another 15 hours per week with a highly proficient English speaker Study Guide. That makes  a total of 30 hours per week when you actually use your English!

Scotland Study Centre integrates in-class language study with the study of the history and culture of Scotland.  This means that you will not only improve your English, but you will also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Scotland and of its history, culture, and people… Research suggests that this deeper cultural understanding and appreciation leads to further improvement in your English;  so you canimprove your English and have fun at the same time!

Summer SChool Scotland means that you maximise the benefit of being right where English is being used, and where things are really happening!

On the Summer School SCotland course you receive an intensive English language training of the highest standards.  However, in addition to in-class study, you also visit and experience the main attractions of Edinburgh and Scotland.  On the Summer School Scotland  study activities and tours you visit the main Edinburgh sites,  and in August you can enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe Festival  performances.  You can also opt for a study tour of the Scottish Highlands in the SSC (SSCOOL!) minibus.

Summer School Scotland Highlands tour option

You can even opt to take a trip on the famous ”Harry Potter” / “Hogworts Express” train over the spectacular Glenfinnan Viaduct and take in the spectacular scenery, such as in the video below:

Summer School Scotland courses:

1 week, 2 Week, 3 week, or 4 week course

On the 1 week Summer School Scotland course you have integrated study activities in and around Edinburgh.

On the 2 week Summer School Scotland course you have integrated study activities in and around Edinburgh and also a 3 day/2 night visit to Stirling, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs area of Scotland.

On the 3 week Summer School Scotland course you have integrated study activities in and around Edinburgh, a 3 day/2 night visit to Stirling, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs area of Scotland, and also a 7 day/6 night visit to the Scottish Highlands.

On the 4 week Summer School Scotland course, you use the English you have learned on the first three weeks of the course.  You do a ‘Special Project’ that involves you carrying out research and making a video on a specific aspect of Scottish history or culture.  You will have professional guidance throughout your project, and you will learn: interview and presentation skills; academic writing; video making and editing.

Your Summer School Scotland Highlands tour package includes:

  •  accommodation in Drumnaddrochit
  • visits to Glencoe, Fort Augustus, and Inverness
  • a trip on the ”Harry Potter” train over the Glenfinnan Viaduct, travelling from Mallaig to Fort William.

Note:  Edinburgh is REALLY busy during the Edinburgh Festival in August, so please BOOK NOW to ensure a place!

For information and to book a place on SSC’s Summer School 2018, CONTACT SSC .