Study Academic English and Business: succeed at university and work!

Study Academic English and Business courses at SSC if you want to improve your English for academic study or for work in an English speaking environmen

Study Academic English and Business courses at SSC  if you have a sound knowledge of the basic grammar of English and now need to improve your English for specific study or career goals.

As a student at Scotland Study Centre (SSC), you will learn about different subjects as you develop the skills necessary to enter and/or succeed at college or university and in business.

When you study Academic English and Business with SSC, you can learn the specific language you need for your specific academic subject or area of work:

Academic English Specialist course:  you learn about  different academic subjects, such as  economics,engineering,  finance, law, medicine,nursing and  psychology, as you develop your English language and other academic skills.

English for Business:  develop  your use of business English while you learn the basic of business theory and practice.

Study Academic English and Business: Specialist subject courses

If you,  are interested in or studying a specific subject,  such as criminology, engineering,  history, law, medicine, philosophy, or Teaching English as a Second Language (TEFL), a specialist subject course can be arranged.   On these courses you get specialist help in academic skills, including writing academic essays and giving academic presentations,  while at the same time you learn about the subject that you either presently study or will study at college or university.

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Study Academic English and Business at SSC using authentic academic and business texts texts and video  as the basis of your academic and business language and skills development.

On the courses, you develop:

    • Independent learning and critical thinking as a basis for academic study and  work in  a business environment
    • Vocabulary development for academic study and business contexts
    • Writing skills: essay writing; writing business reports and letters,  minutes of meetings
    • Presentation skills – for  academic and business contexts
    • Speaking skills – for discussion in seminars and business meetings
    • Reading skills: speed reading, reading for gist  and  for specific information, analysing charts and tables
    • Listening skills: listening to authentic academic and business lectures and presentations
    • Team work and  collaboration,by means of  both in-class and   out-of-class group  projects  as preparation for university study and  cooperation in the world of business

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