Learn Japanese in Edinburgh FAST with SSC’s ‘Japanese only’ approach!

I taught English for for 17 years in universities in Japan.  From anime to manga, the culture is fascinating, and there are also good job opportunities in Japan if you speak English and/or Japanese.  Also,  as with any culture, the best way to experience it is by being able to speak the language of the local people.

At SSC you can learn to communicate in Japanese FAST – and in a FUN  way.  This is because, at SSC you listen to and speak only Japanese.  This is because, when you translate from Japanese to English, the English interferes with your Japanese learning and you learn  much slower.

In class, we use video, and the English translation is on the board, in small print to the  left of the screen, so you can refer to it is necessary.  However, you are encouraged to look at the translation only in an emergency.  You are encouraged to try to remember the Japanese and use it as much as possible.

Learning Japanese is also easy at SSC  also EASY, because at SSC you do not learn by the  traditional “textbook” method of teaching.

Importantly, you learn from  a native Japanese language teacher, so you learn the REAL pronunciation and learn to use Japanese in a natural way.  At the same time, you also learn aspects of Japanese culture.

There is also an integrated self-study program that allows you to study between class sessions by using video and other study materials.  This helps you to minimise your time in class and maximise your learning.

The new winter term starts January 2018.

The sessions are twice a week, with each session 2 hours.

Cost for each 6 week block:  £180.

12 week block  £270

CONTACT SSC now for more information and to book a place on the February course!