English Online courses allow you to learn English with SSC from anywhere in the world with ‘SSCOOL, SSC‘s Online, On-demand Learning system.

English Online courses through ‘SSCOOL‘ can help you with your:

English Communication: learn how to use REAL English in REAL situations.

Academic English: learn the English you need to succeed at college or university

Business English: learn the English you need to succeed in an English language business context

English for Employability: learn how to write your CV and personal statement and how to answer interview questions to get the job you want.

English for Exam Preparation: prepare your English language and exam skills for the IELTS and Cambridge exams.

                                Do you want to study in an English language university?

Do you need to pass your IELTS or Cambridge Exam for university entry?

Are you a high school, college, or university student?

Do you need help to write academic essays and give presentations in English?

Do you work in English language business context?

Do you need need to improve your English language and skills for Business?

Get  help now with  SSCOOL, SSC‘s Online, On-demand Learning courses!

 You can either do 1-to-1, private English Online ‘SSCOOL’ sessions, or you can join an online study group.

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English language school Scotland Study Centre director

Scotland Study Centre (SSC) Director Anne McDonald has over 40 years of academic essay writing experience. She can teach you special techniques to help you get those higher grades you need for university entrance and to pass your degree!  She can also teach you techniques to help you write your CV and personal statement and to answer job  interviews to get the job you want. Get the online support you need.  Join SSCOOL now.

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