English language courses Edinburgh 2018

Not “textbook” English courses

English language courses at SSC focus on maximising the benefit of studying  in Edinburgh by integrating learners into the language and culture that surrounds them here, in Edinburgh – this friendly and most culturally exciting of cities!

Traditional English language courses focus on teaching traditional, Latin and tense-based “textbook” grammar that proves almost useless when learners find themselves faced with having to communicate with native or other proficient speakers of English. This traditional approach is not useful.  This is because,  unlike Latin, English is NOT a tense-based language; English is based NOT on time (past, present, future), but on ASPECT.   (Have you ever wondered, for example,  why ‘will’ hardly ever signals future meaning?)  SSc’s English language courses Edinburgh 2018 focus on teaching REAL English in REAL contexts of English language use.

USE the language FAST, and in REAL situations

In contrast, on the REAL FAST SSC English language courses Edinburgh 2018,  right from the start you train  to USE the language FAST, and in REAL situations that are specific and meaningful to you and to to the purpose for which you are learning English.   At SSC you train  to express not just time in English, but also the more subtle aspects of English language use, such as attitude, viewpoint, feelings, and implied meaning.  That is, at SSC you train in the aspects of language that distinguish English language LEARNERS from proficient USERS of the language .

‘English for Academic Study’ and ‘English for Business and Employability’ courses

For example, on the ‘English for Academic Study’ course, you train in how to write academic essays and give effective academic presentations in your own field of study, while on the ‘English for Business and Employability’ course, you train  in how to apply for the REAL job that you want by practising how to answer – and how NOT to answer – interview questions based on the specific specifications for the jobs you want to get either now or in the future.   In other words, at SSC you learn what you need to be able succeed in your own specific academic and business careers.

‘REAL Communication’ course

This means that, while you improve their language skills, you also develop your knowledge of your own field of study/work.  And, at the same time, you also build your confidence in using English to express ideas that are meaningful to, and useful in, your own specific study and /or work contexts. On the ‘REAL Communication’ course, you also train in how to USE modern grammar to manage everyday and work situations, such as chatting to friends, ordering in restaurants, making bookings, talking on the phone – all in REAL – not “textbook” – language!

‘Culture and Language Education’ (‘Caledon’) course

Witht he ‘Caledon’ course, you maximise your use of English by integrating as much as possible with the English that surrounds you here in Edinburgh.  From June to September, you can use your English by socialising through regular ‘Meetups’ (in restaurants, pubs, and cafes) with local young people living in Edinburgh and by taking part in study activities and tours to places of historic/cultural/scenic interest in and around Edinburgh and to the Scottish Highlands.  These activities and tours are integrated with in-class English language study that focuses on the history and culture of the places you visit.

‘Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018’ course

This integration with the local Edinburgh life and people is especially exciting on the ‘Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018’ course that runs throughout August, where you have the opportunity to actually USE your English as you PERFORM in Festival Fringe shows!  Language learning – and USE – doesn’t get any more exciting!

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