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Do you want to study or work in an English-speaking country


Do you feel that your English is not good enough?


                              Then SSC can help you!


SSC courses train you in writing academic essays, giving presentations, and taking part in academic discussions.

They also train you in the English and skills you need to get a job and to succeed in your career.

It also provides you with insights into how to succeed within the British academic culture.

If you are considering coming to Scotland to study for a university degree, you can choose the ‘University visit’ option, which allows you to visit the different Scottish iniversities to help you decide which one is best for you.




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See videos below to learn what our students  on the different SSC courses say about us!

English for Academic Study

Learn English in Edinburgh: English for Academic Study

Watch this video to learn what Aki, a student of Music at Edinburgh University, has to say about SSC’s Academic English course.



English for Business/Work

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If you work using English, or if you hope to work using English in the future, but you lack the necessary specialist business English to succeed, then SSC’s ‘English for Business’ course can help you.

The course trains you in writing your C.V., applying for the job you want, and answering interview questions so that you get the job you want.

The ‘The English for Business’ course also trains you in the language you need for your specific fiedls of work.  For example, in the video below, an SSC student from Brazil, Iara, talks about how the SSC ‘English for Business’ course helped her to improve her English for her work as a marketing agent in a top Edinburgh advertising agency.

Learn English in Edinburgh for your everyday life and work 

English for REAL Communication


Learn English to communicate in everyday situations in fluent, native-speaker style English!

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