Study Japanese in Edinburgh – it’s EASY at SSC!

Japanese course starting in January 2018

Japanese students dressed up in Japanese clothes

Japanese course students Edinburgh

Learning Japanese is fun, fast and eaSSCy  at SSC!

Do you want to study Japanese and learn to use it FAST?

It’s EASY on the SSC REAL Japanese course!

It’s also FAST and FUN!


The Japanese language is spoken by 121 million people.  Become one of them-Study Japanese in Edinburgh at SSC!

Study Japanese on the SSC course and you will:

  • learn in a FAST, FUN, EASY way
  • have a native Japanese teacher
  • speak Japanese from the first lesson
  • learn using video, including Japanese anime
  • have an integrated self-study program that allows you to maximise learring and minimise class time


Student doing calligraphy

Learn Japanese – It’s EASY!


At SSC, you do NOT learn in the traditional “grammar-first” way.

At traditional language schools, you learn from textbooks, and you learn the rules of the language, NOT the language itself.

On the SSC Japanese course, you do NOT hear or speak any English.  You listen to and speak ONLY Chinese, right from the very first lesson. This means that you learn to use the language FAST.

Listening to and using only Japanese means that there is no interference from English. Different languages run on different ‘tracks’, and if you use English, the tracks run into each other and the different languages crash. If you use only one, Japanese, track, it’s EASSCY to learn!

You can easily understand the Japanese you learn from the video that presents the new language.  You can also see a written translation in English on the screen. This translation will be in small print, and you encouraged to use it ONLY WHEN NECESSARY.  You should use Japanese as much as possible, not English!

At SSC you also learn from native Japanese teachers. This means you learn the REAL pronunciation and the REAL language as used by native Japanesespeakers.  You do NOT learn “textbook” Japanese.

You also have an integrated self-study program that allows you to study as much as you want to between class sessions.  This means that you maximise learning and minimise class time and cost.

SSC offers intensive courses that allow you to learn REAL Japanese in a FAST and  EASSCY way.



Study Japanese in Edinburgh on SSC‘s Intensive, interactive course that gets you using Japanese right from the start!  SSC‘s Non-traditional approach ensures that your learning is FAST and EASY.


Course starts Week beginning January 7th, 2018.

Total course – 12 X 1.5 hour sessions

Cost- £180


… to learn Japanese FAST and in an EASY way?


Join SSC’s  Japanese language course!


  Watch Youtube video of Japanese course to see how you will be able to speak Japanese after just ONE class session!


For more information and to book your place, CONTACT SSC