Online English: study with experts – from anywhere in the world!

Online English  at SSC makes learning eaSSCY.  Study with experts from anywhere in the world!

Online English at SSC allows you to learn English  from anywhere in the world!

You can study any of the SSC English language courses with Zoom  with your own personal tutor, from your own home or office, for your own specific purpose, and in your own time!  You just download Zoom and accept SSC’s invitation to schedule your first English online session.  It’s eaSSCy!

English online courses at SSC are in:

  • Academic English: study to get higher grades at university.  Learn how to write essays, give presentations, and take part in academic discussion.
  • English for Business: improve your english for work in an enlgish language business context.  Learn how to use telephone English, hold meetings and much more.
  • English for Employability: learn the English and skills you need to get a job.  Learn how to write your CV, and answer job interview questions to get the job you want
  • English for EFL Teachers: improve your English and at the same time train in how to teach English as a Foreign/Other Language.
  • English Communication: learn how to use REAL English in REAl situations.  You do not learn “teaxtbook” English!
  • IELTS: get the grade you need for entry to college or unoversity.
  • Cambridge Examinations: train in the language and skills needed to pass the First Certificate and CAE.

Course fees:  £400 for 10 X 1 hour intensive online sessions.

Online sessions are recorded, so you can study between sessions.  You will also have integrated online self-study.  This means that you can learn as much as you

SeeENGLISH COURSES for course details.

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