English Communication for REAL English use, NOT “textbook” English!

Have you studied English but find you can’t use it in REAL English Communication with REAL native speakers?

Then join the SSC REAL English Communication course!

Do you want to be able to communicate in everyday situations in fluent, native-speaker style English?

Then the SSC  real-life English Communication training can help you to understand native speakers and communicate with them.  Lear to speak and write in the type of natural, fluent language used by really proficient users of the English language.

English Communication – NOT traditional grammar!

The language teaching at SSC is different to what you have experienced at school and in other language schools!

Traditional language courses teach traditional grammar.  However, traditional grammar doesn’t work when you try to use it in REAL conversations with real, proficient users of English. This is because traditional English language teaching  is based in TENSE (past, present, future).  However, REAL English is based in attitude, viewpoint, and feelings. Traditional grammar is based in Latin.  However, this Latin-based approach does not fit how English has developed.  Traditional grammar does not prepare you to communicate in REAL, natural English.

On the SSC English Communication’ course, focus is NOT on how to use grammar to express past, present, and future.

Focus IS on using grammar to express attitudes, opinions, and emotions.

For example, in traditional courses you learn that you use  ‘will’ when you want to talk about something that happens in the future.

However, ‘will’ only SOMETIMES indicated the future – usually it indicates:

  • a promise – “Don’t worry.  I’ll help you”
  • an offer – “I’ll carry that suitcase for you”
  • a decision – “I’ll have the salad”

On the SSC course English Communication course you will learn how English is REALLY used!

In other words, you will  learn how  to use the REAL language as it is used by real, natural  speakers of the language.

On the SSC English Communication courses, there are 2 levels:

English Communication I  – for Zero beginner – Beginner level students

English Communication II – for Intermediate level students



Communication I  – Tuesdays and Thursdays  5.00-7.00 pm

Communication II – Mondays and Wednesdays 5.00-7.00 pm

English Communication courses include an online  self-study program that allows you to maximise learning and minimise cost and class time!  This program is perfect if you are very busy but want to learn to communicate in English FAST!

Cost?    £180 for 6 Week course

£300 for 12 week course

CONTACT SSC for more information and to book YOUR English for REAL Communication course.now!