English for Academic Purposes: study English for success at university!

English for Academic Purposes: study for success at university!

English for Academic Purposes at SSC can help you if you want to study at a university in an English speaking country.

English for Academic Purposes  trains you in:

  •  writing academic essays
  • giving presentations
  • taking part in academic discussion.
Academic English language student gives academic and business English presentation at SSC

Aacdemic English presentation at Scotland Study Centre

These skills are essential if you want to succeed in your academic career.On traditional courses, you learn in the traditional way.

For example, you have probably learned that, when writing an academic essay, you need an ‘Introduction’, a ‘Body’,  and a ‘Conclusion’.   But this type of basic structure is as useful as a doctor telling you that you have a ‘Head’, a ‘Body’, and ‘Feet’.  In other words, it’s useless.

At SSC you actually learn how to structure academic essays.  You learn using a much more detailed structure that teaches you what you need to put into each part of your essay.  An understanding of this same structure is also useful for you when you have to read academic texts and when you have to structure academic presentations.

English for Academic Purposes: Insights into British Academic Culture

The English for Academic Purposes course also  also provide insights into how to succeed within the British academic culture.  Different countries have different ways of carrying out academic research, and they have different styles and rules for academic essays, presentations, and discussion.  in order to succeed in an English language university, you need to learn the ways and rules of English language academic research and discourse.

English for Academic Purposes: ‘University visit’ option

If you are considering coming to Scotland to study for a university degree, you can choose the ‘University visit’ option, which allows you to visit the different Scottish universities to help you decide which one is best for you.

COURSES Winter term 2018

Special Offer for Winter Term 2018 (starts January): 12 week course at 2 X 2 hour sessions per week (1.5 hours input + 0.5 hour practice per session) off for a 12 week course:  £300

6 week course:  £180

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