The Edinburgh Festival in August is exSSCiting!

Edinburgh Festival acrobatic street performance

Enjoy the exSSCitement of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (photo courtesty of Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society)

 Come and join SSC for Edinburgh Festival 2018!


Improve your English


by taking part in the Festival as a performer!


At SSC you don’t just LEARN English –


You experienSSCe it!

Young Chinese students on the Festival Fringe 2017. https://youtu.be/YBxR0dQLgz4


The Edinburgh Festival English course in august allows you to learn English and be in Edinburgh -THE place to be in August.  SSC‘s ‘Edinburgh Festival English’ course allows you to improve your English and experience all the fun and exSSCitement of the Festival first-hand, as a participant!

Yes! – If you can dance, sing, act, play a musical instrument, or tell a joke, you can perform in street performances and at the SSC Edinburgh Festival 2017 venue.  You can preform to a small live audience as part of the the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

Join the SSC ‘Edinburgh Festival English’ course now to ensure your place in this exSSCiting language and culture event!


Edinburgh Festival street performer


          Join the  exSSCiting SSC 2018 Edinburgh Festival English course this August!


You can improve your English by teaching  aspects of your own language and culture.

For example, you can :

  • teach Japanese using a short sketch
  • sing a simple Japanese song
  • perform a traditional Japanese dance
  • do calligraphy / origami / ikebana


Watch the videos below to see how some Japanese students performed on previous SSC ‘Edinburgh Festival English’ courses.


Calligraphy Kimono

SSC on the Fringe 2017 :  Young Chinese Dancers

Young Japanese students enjoy SSC ON THE FRINGE 2017



CONTACT  now for information and to join the Festival Fringe 2018 course.