English Courses in Edinburgh for Academic and Career Success!

There are SSC English courses in English for Academic Study, Business, and Culture.

N.B. There are also courses in other languages:  CHINESE , French, Italian, JAPANESE  Korean, Spanish

English for Academic Study courses:

IELTS Academic English: improve your English to study at college/university.

Academic English Language and Skills: improve your academic essay writing, academic presentations, and academic discussion skills.           

English for Business :

 English for Business and entrepreneurship: improve your English and also learn about business theory and how to start your own business

 English for Employability: train in the language and techniques you need to write your CV and Personal Statement and to answer job interview questions.

    REAL Communication –  REAL Communication II  (Intermediate)

                                             REAL Communication I     (Beginner)

Other language courses

The traditional view is that learning foreign languages is difficult –   And this is true – because most language courses are based in a traditional”textbook”  style of teaching.

At Scotland Study Centre you learn languages FAST, because you listen to and speak the language right from the start!

Chinese:  Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.00 – 9.00 

Japanese:  Saturdays 12.00-14.00 

Korean:  Saturdays:  10.00-12.00


12 Week course:  1 session per week £180

2 sessions per week £300

6 Week course:  1 session per week £110

2 sessions per week £180

Check out links below for more information on SSC courses:

English Language Summer School

Edinburgh Festival Fringe course

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On-site and Online Group and & 1-1 Tuition in English, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

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N.B. You can study  courses either on-site at SSC, Edinburgh or Online

 Online English language courses at SSC

You don’t need to be in Edinburgh to study with SSC.  You can even study from the comfort of your own home using SSC‘s online tutoring program.

How it works is that download Zoom, and I then send you an invitation via email. You accept the invitation, and then we schedule a time to work online together, either 1 to 1 or as as a group.  It’s easy!  During your online session with your SSC tutor,  you will redraft an academic or business text together or discuss a topic related to your academic studies or area of business. . At the same time, your SSC online tutor will provide explanations/feedback on why one language choice is better than another.  In this way, you experience first-hand the process of writing about and discussing an academic or business topic with an expert English language teacher, The course includes an integrated self-study program that maximises your learning, allowing you to study as much as you want when you want.  .


Courses can be tailored to suit your specific area of academic or business interest.  For example, engineering, law, psychology, marketing etc. 

There is also an integrated self-study program that ensures maximum learning for minimum class time and cost.

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Summer School Edinburgh

At Summer School Edinburgh SSC, you use the English language environment that surrounds you!

Project and Activity-based learning

SSC believes that learning  a language takes place, not just by in-class study, but by experiencing the language first-hand.  This is the reasoning behind the SSC’s project and activity-based approach.

When you are in an English-speaking country, it makes sense to make use of the English language environment that surrounds you, and on the

On the SSC Summer School, you use in-class time as preparation for, and also feedback on, integrated project activities that take you on study tours to Edinburgh’s main historical and cultural sites.

On your  study tours, you can opt to have a highly proficient English language ‘study guide’ whose job it is to help you with your project work and make sure that use  English at all times.

You can also opt to go on integrated study tours to the Highlands, including to Loch Ness and to Glenfinnan, where you can ride on the famous “Harry Potter” steam train.

In August, the Edinburgh Festival makes Edinburgh THE place to be, and SSC runs a special ‘Edinburgh Festival’ course that allows you to experience all the fun and excitement of the Festival first-hand, as a participant!  Yes! – If you can dance, sing, act, play a musical instrument, or tell a joke, you can perform in street performances and at SSC to a live audience as part of the the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

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See the videos below for what SSC students say about SSC courses


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