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Study Japanese Culture: ‘wa’ (harmony) in Japanese and English language cultures

Study Japanese Culture: the concept of ‘wa’ (harmony) To study Japanese culture, you need to understand the importance of the concept of ‘wa’ (harmony) in Japanese society. Japanese society values harmonious relations within a group over...

Study Japanese Online through Anime: it’s a fun and easy way to learn!

Study Japanese onone by watching the video ‘Hotarubi no Mori e’ (Into the Forest of the Fireflies) and reading the story in Japanese. Watch the ANIMATION of HOTARUBI NO MORI E and study Japanese from the  worksheet based on the introduction to the story...

ITC (Interactive Text Creation), an Interactive Approach to Academic Text

ITC (Interactive Text Creation), is an approach to the teaching and learning of academic text (essays, dissertations, presentations, articles, papers) that I have developed. ITC is based in Hallidayan Functional linguistics, and it is a mind-shift away from...

ITC, an Interactive Approach to Academic Text

Academic Text (reading and writing) is currently taught using a traditional, linear  and ‘dissection’ model that does not reflect the hierarchical and holistic nature of the academic writing process and inadequately prepares learners for the writing...

Language Courses Online: study languages from anywhere in the world

Language Courses Online at SSC allow you to study from anywhere in the world. Language Courses Online at SSC also provide you with expert tuition from a native-speaker proficient teacher of the language you are studying. You can study at a time and place convenient...

Japanese Online Learning Through Anime

Japanese online learning is easy and fun! Learn Japanese online by watching a Japanese anime (animation). Learning Japanese can be made easy by watching a Japanese anime and learning how to tell the story in Japanese.  Fitting the Japanese language to the story...

Language Course dates and fees 2018

LANGUAGE COURSE DATES and FEES 2018 The new SSC term starts week beginning January 7th. See below for our 2018 dates and fees for Winter, Spring and Autumn terms and for the SSC Language and Culture Summer School Package 2018.    …

Saudi Arabian culture: access and understanding via ‘The Bro Code’

Saudi Arabian culture  is difficult to access and understand, and this is especially the case if you happen to be non-Muslin and non-male.  ‘The Bro Code’ by Abdul al Lily provides insightful, unbiased glimpses, and a degree of understanding, of...

Language power to counter bias and effect change

Language to counter bias Language can be used to create bias. The media, for example, is known to exploit language to present events in a certain light and to promote specific viewpoints.  People also often use language, both intentionally and unintentionally,...

Edinburgh History: Adam Smith and the wealth gap

Adam Smith (1723 -1790) on monopolies Adam Smith, the great philosopher of the Scottish Enlightenment and the ‘Father of Modern Capitalism,’ died in Edinburgh on July 17th, 1790 and is buried in the Canongate Kirkyard at the bottom of...

Edinburgh language school with a difference

Hello, and a very big welcome to Scotland Study Centre (SSC), Edinburgh!

I have been teaching the English language all my life in many different and wonderful countries throughout the world.  I have started SSC because  I want to create a school where students can learn English and other languages in the best and fastest way possible.

This means that at SSC you learn using a very different approach to traditional language schools.

Traditional language schools start with traditional grammar.

At SSC we start with YOU, the student, and what YOU need to do in English to meet YOUR specific academic and career goals.

Traditional grammar is based in Latin, and it simply does not prepare you to use language effectively in today’s modern world.

At SSC you learn real, modern grammar and how to use it to express the attitudes, viewpoints, and feelings you need to express to be a success in your university studies and future career.


Join the SSC

Academic and Business

 expreSSC to succeSSC!



Learn English and learn how to USE it!

Edinburgh language school SSC leads the way in teaching  and learning!

You will learn using a non-traditional approach that puts


at the centre of your learning.


Edinburgh language school SSC for YOUR language needs!

Do you want to:  


  • pass IELTS ?
  • improve your general English?
  • learn in a highly focused but supportive and friendly environment?
  • develop Business English and skills?     – how to write a CV and perform well in job interviews.
  • develop Academic English and skills?   –  how to succeed in academic essays, presentations and discussion.
  • understand local Scottish people, their history and culture? – with an approach that integrates in-class study with project activities to places of historic and cultural significance in Edinburgh and in the Scottish Highlands.


Then Edinburgh language school SSC is THE place to be!


CONTACT SSC  now for more information and to reserve YOUR place for the winter term.  Starts January 2018!

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