English Language through History and Culture

Do you want to learn English and also learn about the

history and culture of Edinburgh and Scotland?


The SSC ‘Caledon’ (Culture and Language Education) English Language  course, which has run since 1999 in conjunction with Hijiyama University, Hiroshima, Japan, integrates integrates the study of  Scottish history and culture with in-class English language and skills developmen

On the Caledon course,  you study English in class as you also learn about  Scottish history and culture.  You then go on full and half day excursions and carry out study activities related to the historical pcharacters you have learned about in class.

In this way, you USE the English you have ;earned, while you also enjoy all the history and culture that Edinburgh has to offer!

You are also encouraged to promote your own culture,  and you  have the opportunity to give presentations and performances in English related to aspects of your  own country’s language, history and culture.

The SSC Caledon course integrates in-class study of language and culture with study activities to places of historic and cultural interest:

Vie of Roslyn Chapel taken on SSC study tour

SSC study tour to Roslyn Castle

Social events and excursions.

SSC organises evening social meet-ups and also half-day, day, and weekend excursions to places of historic and cultural interest in Scotland.

The SSCOOL bus (minibus) takes students on day and half-day study tours to places related to the Caledon course content, such a Stirling and Doune Castles, Bannockburn, Linlithgow Palace and Loch Lomond.

Stirling Castle tapestry

Students on the Caledon course visit Stirling Castle

Students watch video and learn, for example, about famous characters such as Mary Queen of Scots, and then they travel in the SSCOOL minibus to places associated with Mary, such as Craigmillar and Stirling Castles, and Linlithgow and Holyrood Palaces.

English language student on SSC minibus

An SSC study tour in the ‘SSCool’ minibus


Coronation of Mary Queen of Scots as a baby

Coronation of Mary Queen of Scots as a baby


Linlithgow Palace

Linlithgow Palace, birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots


N.B. The study tours are an integral part of the Caledon course and the cost of transport on these tours is included in the fee for the course.



In previous years Caledon students have put on dance, theatre, and other cultural performances as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Come and join us for the Edinburgh Festival 2017!

CONTACT SSC now to learn more about the Caledon and to book your place for 2017!