English for Business / Work

Learn English to succeed in your chosen career


If you work using English, or if you hope to work using English in the future, but you lack the necessary specialist business English to succeed, then SSC’s ‘English for Business’ course can help you.

The Business course trains you in writing your C.V., applying for the job you want, and answering interview questions so that you get the job you want.

The ‘The English for Business’ course also trains you in the language you need for your specific fields of work.  For example, in the video below, an SSC student from Brazil, Iara, talks about how the SSC ‘English for Business’ course helped her to improve her English for her work as a marketing agent in a top Edinburgh advertising agency.

.Watch Iara’s  the VIDEO now to learn how the SSC ‘English for business’ course can help YOU.

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