Business English: Employability course

Business English – an essential skill for your career

Business English and language skills are essential if you want to get a job in your field of work or study. If you work using English, or if you hope to work using English in the future, but you lack the necessary specialist Business English to succeed, then SSC’s ‘Business English: Employability’ course can help you.

These days, hundreds of people apply for the same job, and if you want your CV to get noticed, and if you want to get an interview stage, then your CV has to comply with today’s standards.  Otherwise, it will go in the bin with the 95 other rejected CVs.

The ‘Business English: Employability’ course trains you in the language you need for your specific fields of work.  For example,you choose an advertisement for an actual job that you would like to apply for,and in class you train in how to write a personal statement and answer interview questions to help you get that specific job.

Also,these days interviewer’s are looking for certain specific answers to the questions they ask.  Once you get an interview, you need to know how to answer, and how NOT to answer the interviewer’s questions so that you get the job.

The Employability course trains you in writing your C.V., applying for the job you want, and answering interview questions so that you get the job.

For example, what would be the answer the interviewer expects if you were asked in interview, “Can you tell me alittle about yourself?” This is the type of interview technique you will learn on the course.

You will also learn the language you need to “sell” yourself to the interviewer and make them realise that you are the best person for the job.

In the video below, an SSC student from Brazil, Iara, talks about how the  Employability course helped her to improve her Business English.  She also explains how the course helped her in her job as a marketing agent in a top Edinburgh advertising agency.

.Watch Iara’s VIDEO now to learn how the Employability course can help YOU.

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