Chinese language courses starting in June 2017 at SSC.

The new Chinese language course is suitable for you if you are a zero beginner – that is, if you know no Chinese at all or very little.

On the Chinese course, you will have a native Chinese teacher, who will teach you how to pronounce the language properly.

The teacher will only speak in Chinese, and you also must speak only Chinese.

You will speak Chinese from the very first minutes in the class. By the end of the first 1.5 hour lesson, you will be able to introduce yourself in Chinese and hold a simple conversation.

In class, you will hear and use only Chinese,  The translation in English will be onscreen for you to see if needed, but you are encouraged to use Chinese as much as possible.

This is because different languages run on different tracks in your brain.  If you keep translating, the languages crash, and you do not learn so easily or so fast!

Bur don’t worry – learning Chinese is eaSSCy at SSC!


By the end of the first ten week course, you will be quite confident when speaking in Chinese to:

  • introduce yourself
  • ask and answer simple questions about yourself and others
  • ask and give directions
  • tell the time
  • make and accept/reject suggestions
  • make appointments
  • buy items in shops
  • book hotel rooms
  • book travel tickets

Classes are held in the evenings from 7.00 to 8.30.

1X 1.5 hours per week for 8 weeks  – £120.

For more information and to book your course, CONTACT SSC now.