Meet Anne McDonald

Hello, and a very big welcome to Scotland Study Centre, Edinburgh!

I have been teaching English language all my life in many different and wonderful countries throughout the world, and now I have started SSC because  I want to create a school where students can learn English and other languages in the best and fastest way possible.

This means that at SSC you learn using a very different approach to traditional language schools.

Tradtionalschools start with traditional grammar.

At SSC we start with YOU, the student, and what YOU need to do in English to meet YOUR specific academic and career goals.

Traditional grammar is based in Latin, and it simply does not prepare you to use language effectively in today’s modern world.

At SSC you learn real, modern grammar and how to use it to express the attitudes, viewpoints, and feelings you need to express to be a success in your university studies and future career.

Join the SSC

academic and business

 expreSSC to succeSSC!




Why YOU should come to SSC

You will study at one of Edinburgh’s leading language schools.

You will learn using a non-traditional approach that puts


at the centre of your learning.


Do you want to:  


  • pass IELTS ?
  • improve your general English?
  • learn academic English and skills?
  • learn business English and skills?
  • learn how to write a CV and perform well in job interviews?
  • understand better local Scottish people and culture?
  • enjoy a high quality learning experience?
  • learn in a highly focused but supportive and friendly environment?


    Then SSC is THE place to be!

  CONTACT SSC  now for more information and to reserve YOUR pleace on the spring term!

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