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Scotland Study Centre (SSC)

Study languages at SSC for Academic and Career Success

Language School Scotland Study Centre (SSC)is NOT a traditional language school.  

At SSC you learn English and other languages, but you also train in the essential skills for success in study at university and in the world of business /  work.

For example, at traditional language schools, you learn traditional English grammar, and this leads to you using  “textbook” English, not the REAL English you need to communicate with native speakers or to study / work in an English language context.

At SSC you learn the REAL English that you need to use in REAL contexts of natural language use, such as on your university course and in your business / work environment.

SSC‘s project-based learning approach and integrated self-study program also ensure that you maximise your learning while you minimise the time you spend in class.  SSC‘s unique ‘student-targeted’ approach also helps you develop the independent learning skills necessary for success in an English language university or if you want to use English in your future career.

Come to Edinburgh and experience Language School SSC for yourself!

Student testimonials

Here is what our students say about us

I’ll never forget the love of life I learned on SSC's Caledon course.

Masami Sato, Hijiyama University, Hiroshima, Japan

Get help now if you know you are having difficulty with your academic essays. SSC helped me during my time at university. As a non-native speaker, I struggled to write essays in English, but I was very lucky to have help from Anne McDonald, because has vast experience of teaching English at various universities and, most importantly, she understands the Asian mind-set and needs. Without her help, I would have ended up re-sitting another term. I owe my degree to SSC!

Rujira Herd, Thailand

I work in an office in Edinburgh, but I have a degree in engineering, and I would like to work in this field, so I joined the SSC ’English for Employability' course. I recommend the course because it focused on the language and skills I needed for engineering. Anne is so well qualified and experienced that she was able to use my own engineering materials and my own situation as the basis lessons. We reviewed my CV and prepared cover letters for different job descriptions. I also prepared for real job interviews in engineering. I learned how to avoid common mistakes and how to answer interview questions to get the job I wanted. I also trained in giving professional business presentations. Now I have improved my Business English skills and gained the confidence I need to get the job I want.

Fernando Peon, Spain

Caledon was the greatest experience of my life. Yoshiko Tsuji, Japan

Yoshiko Tsuji, Japan

SSC has really helped me improve my academic essay writing. Although I am a student who is interested and has enthusiasm for learning English, I often do not get good grades in my essays. I live in Taiwan, and I joined the SSC online Academic English course to get help with my academic essay writing. I have received lots of useful feedback from SSC during the process of the drafting and redrafting of my essays. If I have any questions about my essays, I always receive a lot of helpful suggestions. As a result of SSC's constructive feedback, not only do I now structure my essays much better, but I also support the points I make with evidence. The help from SSC has also made me more confident in my writing. Therefore, I strongly recommend the online Academic English course at Scotland Study Centre.

Christine (Yen-ting), Taiwan

When I first came to Edinburgh my English was really poor and using English was a real challenge. However, SSC treats each student as an individual, and this helped me to build both my language skills and confidence. At SSC, learning does not take place only in the classroom; a variety of activities and events outside the classroom helped me to test and improve my English in real-life situations. SSC's supportive academic push also helped me to develop the English language and academic skills required for entry to an Early Education and Childcare Course in college. I successfully completed the course in 2012, and this helped me take a massive step up my career ladder. I recommend SSC to anyone who wants to improve their English in a friendly, supportive, but at the same time challenging, academic environment.

Ilona, Krakov, Poland

When I first came to Edinburgh, it was very difficult to find work because my English was terrible! I did the SSC ‘Academic English’ course, as I wanted to study to become a psychotherapist. The course trained me to write academic essays and to give presentations, and it helped me to pass my psychotherapy course at Edinburgh University. I then took the SSC ‘Business English’ course, and this encouraged me to start my own psychotherapy practice here in Edinburgh. I provide counselling and advice to people with personal problems. I recommend the courses at SSC to anyone who wants to prepare for academic study and/or wants to start their own business.

Maria, Italy, Sardinia

I came to Edinburgh in 2006 to study English. I chose Edinburgh as it's a really beautiful and interesting city, and I wanted to study English to travel the world. At first, I could only say a few words in English, but after a year of studying ‘English Communication’ at SSSC, I was able to communicate quite well. I then did an Events Management course at Edinburgh College, but I found that I couldn't write academic essays properly, so I did the SSC ‘Academic English’ course. This helped me to pass my Events Management course, and it also gave me the idea and the confidence to start my own business. Without SSC I may not have had the confidence to do this.

Anna, Laredo, Spain

Thank you, Anne, for the three weeks on the ‘Caledon’ Summer School course, in which I was taught not only English but also a lot about Scottish history and culture and also about daily, everyday life in the U.K. I was glad to be able to gain so much knowledge and I took it with me to various places around Scotland as well in Edinburgh. It was fun! I am happy that I had such a good and kind host mother as you. I really appreciate you.

Moeko, Hiroshima University, Japan

Thank you for all you did for me during my three weeks stay with you on the ‘Caledon’ Summer School program. I enjoyed a lot of new and interesting things in Edinburgh. Your stories about Scottish history were especially interesting, so I bought a picture book about Mary Queen of Scots. When I get back to Japan, I'll never forget your stories or you. Let's be sure to meet again!

Yuri, Japan

Dear Anne, I leave Edinburgh today. I enjoyed the wonderful time we spent together in Scotland. Loch Ness and Glenfinnan Viaduct were especially great. And the dinner we had on our last evening was incredible. I'll never forget your hospitality!! I really appreciated it. Please visit us if you have the chance to come to Japan!!

Jun, Hiroshima, Japan

Thank you so much for helping us on the ‘Caledon’ program without taking a rest for three weeks. I really, really appreciate it!! I really enjoyed staying in Scotland with you, and I hope you enjoyed it as well. To be honest, I don't wanna leave here!! I think you must be very tired, so I just want you to take a good rest, and DO NOT FORGET US! I'm gonna miss you all - so sad.

Kyoko, Japan

The ‘Caledon’ course was the first time for me to go overseas, so I will never forget this trip. I was able to see many beautiful places in Scotland. I had a wonderful time. I appreciate you. Thank you very much!!! Hidemi, Japan

Hidemi, Japan

I enjoyed Edinburgh so much!! I'm sorry I can't speak or understand English very well, but this stay in Edinburgh has made me so happy. I 'm happy now!!! I have many good memories of Scotland Study Centre: the piano recital, the 'Irrashai' Edinburgh Fringe show we put on in the Fringe and the Festival shows we saw, Portobello beach, our stay at your house, our 3 day Highland tour, and the pubs, clubs and cafes!

Airi, Japan

Anne, the three weeks on the ‘Caledon’ course in Edinburgh passed so quickly. Thank you for the happy times and good memories. I really had fun at the many castles and monuments we went to with you. It was nice meeting you guys. I'll never forget you.

Misora, Japan

I will never forget your kindness and hospitality. Great!

Katsuhiko Nishioka, Japan

I like Japan, and I love Scotto!”

Kana Sasaki, Japan

I’m very happy because I spent Caledon with you.

Chika Shimamoto, Japan

Couldn't rate Anne highly enough! If you are wanting to improve your English, whether it's for academic study or for work, Scotland Study Centre is the right place to learn.

Daniel Campos, Edinburgh, Scotland

Very good venue and environment. The tutor has experience with many students from very different countries, therefore aware of different common mistakes we usually make. She is very friendly and devoted to teaching.

Alberto Sueri, Italy

I've been attending the - English Language Through Film and Discussion sessions for a couple of months and I think it's a very good and effective way to enhance my language learning. I want to thank Anne McDonald for her efforts in organizing these sessions.

Mahmoud El Mahgraby, Egypt

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